About by lollik – a new Danish design brand

By lollik is a new Danish design brand established in 2015 offering high quality Corian products and furniture. Our products are designed by talented Danish designers and the core of our designs is solid craftsmanship and high quality.

Design & production

By lollik is a part of Danish Interior Design, which was one of the first manufacturing companies to work with Corian in Denmark and has produced high quality solutions in Corian since 1998. Our Corian production is done by Danish Interior Design.

Our craftsmen have many years of experience in working with Corian and by bringing experienced craftsmen and designers together we create unique products using Corian in new and innovative ways.

A bit about Corian

The core material of our products and furniture is Corian, which is the starting point for all product development. Corian is a solid surface material developed by Dupont back in 1967. Corian consists of 1/3 acrylic resin and 2/3 natural minerals. Due to its strength and beauty Corian can be used in many different products and design solutions.

The brand name

In Danish, lollik means a person living on the Danish Island Lolland. By lollik is based on Lolland, which means that all of our products are produced on Lolland by lolliks.

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